01 Use Common Sense and Respect others

02 Do not use Cheat atau Illegal Programs (Ban).
Including Bug Exploit.

03 Do not Double ID (Ban second ID).

04 Do not Grief (Warn).
Survival Server Only.

05 Do not PVP without Permission (Warn).
Survival Server Only.

06 Do not use inappropriate Nick/Skin/Cape (Warn).

07 Do not Teleport without Permission (Warn).
Survival Server Only.

08 Do not create Afk Fishing or Auto Farm (Warn+Destroy Machine).

09 Chat Rules (Mute+Warn)
Do not use Badword, Flame others, ask for Items or Ranks, send dangerous link, lying, Scamming, Promote other Servers, Spamming, and abuse Shout.

10 Do not Sell Donator Items (Warn)
Skyblock Server Only.

All Players are considered to have read the rules.

RULES Jam Malam 22.00 - 04.00
At this hours, You can use Badwords. But there are some rules that you need to follow. This rules applies on all Servers.

  1. Do not use Badword in Shout! (Shoutban)
  2. Do not Spam! (Mute+Warn)
  3. Do not Flame other Players (Mute+Warn)

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